Ink to Spill unveil the final single in their trilogy series, ‘Motion of the Ocean’

American coast-to-coast band, Ink to Spill unveil their final, heartfelt single, ‘Motion of the Ocean‘ the last track in the band’s emotional, retrospective trilogy series based around the life and times of the lead songwriter, Bob Sauer.

First in the series was ‘Hyd’N’, which saw Bob Sauer bravely and delicately dissect his childhood relationship with his alcoholic father and the ripple effects that had on him and his family.  ‘Hollow Bar of Gold‘ took things a step further and saw him reflect on the impact of greed and selfishness that he experienced at the hand of his uncle. The final and newest track in the series, ‘Motion of the Ocean‘ strays from the trauma and negativity of past familial trials and tribulations and focuses instead on the positive moments and the happy memories shared with his late father.

Accompanied by a beautifully edited, montage style music video, ‘Motion of the Ocean‘ wears its heart on its sleeve offering listeners a moving, sincere and heartfelt display of lyrical and emotional vulnerability, alongside a collage of happy family photos.

In the video for ‘Motion‘, we witness Bob prepare to release his father’s ashes in the exact place where all of those irreplaceable memories were made. The visual does an excellent job of portraying the genuine emotion reminiscent of his father at his best self and calls upon listeners to reflect on their own relationships with their loved ones.

Set to a musical backdrop of grungy electric guitars, gentle percussion (courtesy of Ernie Addams) and lead singer Gus Reeves‘ signature, husky crooning, ‘Motion of the Ocean‘ is an emotional indie-rock masterpiece that perfectly captures the warm nostalgia of family, friends and days gone by.

Ink to Spill – Motion of the Ocean


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