JMSEY takes on the internet in his newest pop-punk inspired single, ‘InstaHam’

LA-based JMSEY has been on a roll this year releasing a string of highly successful singles including fan favourites, ‘Style and ‘Sunny Days‘. Now the alt-pop singer-songwriter prepares to unveil his newest work, ‘InstaHam‘, a pop-punk inspired hit and accompanying music video about the vacuous and self-indulgent nature of social media.

A modern social critique wrapped in a defiant pop-punk ribbon, ‘InstaHam‘ sees JMSEY express his disenchantment with internet apps like Instagram and the influencers that occupy its neatly curated photo squares. Pounding percussion, distorted vocals and reverberating guitars fill the atmosphere as JMSEY’s powerful commentary overlays images representative of the tension in 2020 and social media’s often controversial involvement in it.

Darker in tone thank his previous releases , ‘InstaHam‘ still has a brilliantly unique way of blending chaotic punk riffs with catchy pop melodies and a poignant message, all whilst staying true to JMSEY’s signature sound. An unmissable new offering, ‘InstaHam‘ is a remarkable display of creativity and wit from JMSEY who has proven himself to be one of the most exciting and versatile upcoming acts around.

JMSEY – InstaHam

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