Irish duo Tebi Rex reveal new album ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’


Fiery Irish hip-hop duo Tebi Rex have revealed their next full length project ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’. An eclectic collection of tracks, this newest album pushes the boundaries of their usual musical territories as they embrace more pop elements alongside exciting alternative influences. Adding a fresh new twist to their usual rap roots, the album consists of 11 tracks and features 3 collaborations. In the artists’ own words, “It’s about a boy learning to cope, to be happy in a world that feels like it’s on fire. We’re tryna be optimistic for once. Sorta.”

Showcasing an incredibly interesting narrative, the previous singles took us on a journey from hope and despair to passion and rage. Now, with the entire project up for grabs we are invited to witness a smorgasbord of emotion as we traverse the many musical layers which run acres deep.

Featuring some of the band’s most aphotic tunes, the album is a melting pot of contrast and contradiction as you gloriously stumble upon moments in the alternative pop sunshine. Tackling and highlighting life in modern Ireland, politics, language, racism, death, anxiety, austerity, social media (you name it, they’ve got it) and a moment of pure clarity on a rainy Dublin evening. Straying from the belief that it will be alright in the end to the exact opposite, the album comes to some sort of resolution, which is ultimately left to the listen to decide.

These two reflect some of the incredibly talented musicians and artists coming through from the Irish scene and are most definitely ones to watch this 2022.


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