Introducing R&B’s heartbroken romantic Lonely Boy

Introducing Canadian newcomer Lonely Boy with three-part EP, LONELY PPL, which is the first installment of an EP series. For this chapter, we start with a disparate voice and seemingly endless rings that lead to a restless voicemail from Ottawa’s Lonely Boy who portrays the character of a heartbroken romantic. That note of unrequited love within the EP’s first single ‘October’ takes us into a soft-edged R&B beat and the inner thoughts of this soulful crooner who searches for meaning amongst all the missed connections.

Keeping firmly in the amorous R&B territory, we go into the suitably titled ‘Only One Night’. Lonely Boy‘s heartfelt falsetto recalls all the past encounters, attempting to persuade another that it wasn’t all for nothing. It’s a deeply carnal and sexy track, deeply rooted in an honest commitment.

Last but not least, there’s ‘Sussex Drive’, a welcome change of pace that lifts the whole EP a little. From R&B ballads to upbeat driving tune that shows off the more optimistic side to the Canadian artist embedded within swirly electronic loops, light glassy taps and a grooving bass-line.

In a way, it’s like we’ve been presented this love story in reverse, ‘October’ is the final desperate plea to make things right, ‘Only One Night’ is the messy middle and ‘Sussex Drive’ is that magic moment when the two lovers first collide.

Where to find Lonely Boy:




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