Malaysian rocker dedicates ‘Daisy’ to lost loved ones

We sure do love a retro rock moment and the London-band Malaysian artist Maha Jeffery is delivering all that good stuff today with new single ‘Daisy’. Complete with psychedelic visuals, this track is a transportation through time to the era of Queen and Def Lepperd thanks to the rich mix of bold guitars, punchy percussion and Jeffery‘s front man vocals.

He’s clearly come a long way since his days making music in his bedroom, age 17, but isn’t that an origin story that many rockers share? Jeffrey has had quite the adventurous life since then, moving back-and-forth between the UK and Malaysia, starting band TMJB, dissolving the band and finding love along the way. It’s actually an experience of his girlfriend that led to the writing of ‘Daisy’, as he explains below.

“Daisy is about finding solace in grief. It’s about seeking comfort in the loss of a loved one through the memories you had with them. I wrote this song for my girlfriend whose grandfather had recently passed at the time. It was never intended to be for me.”

Life has a strange way of transforming our perspective, and “It wasn’t until my own grandfather passed when I realised that maybe it was meant for me as well.”

With that, take a moment to think about your own lost loved ones while listening to Maha Jeffery‘s ‘Daisy’.

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