Genre-blending songwriter Celine Love opens up in ‘Like You Like That’

Smooth, sultry and effortlessly cool; these are three labels that spring to mind when listening to ‘Like You Like That’, the new release from promising newcomer Celine Love, following her coming-of-age single ‘Twenty Five’.

While she isn’t tied to any genre in particular, her sweet singer-songwriter style takes on R&B elements from the tracks’ producer TR33. Together, they’ve made a chilled and intimate song that expresses the UK-via-Germany artist’s journey of self-discovery over the last year or so.

Celine Love explains that, “‘Like You Like That’ is about the fear of losing myself in the idea of a perfect romance. After a long term relationship that ended during lockdown I was just starting to feel comfortable in my skin because I had the time to focus on myself.

That’s where the quiet confidence in her silky, honeyed voice comes from then; experience and time. Even at a young age, these two things are within reach for those that really want them.

The flawless flow and directness of her message is also testament to the working relationship that Celine Love and TR33 have, even though it’s only the first song they’ve worked on together.

This “is more R&B leaning than anything I’d done before. Creating this felt like a new beginning not only for my art but also for me as a person.”

We love an origin story and we can’t wait to see what that next chapter holds for Celine Love.

Where to find Celine Love:



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