Prescribing Enda Gallery’s Libertion EP for all those worries

Irish singer and songwriter Enda Gallery has stepped up to the plate this week to give us some very much needed good vibes in the form of his new EP, Liberation. Potent grooves, cathartic guitar chords and feather-light vocals define these four tracks as a worthy follow up to the artist’s 2020 album, The Journey To Zero.

From the EP, we adore opening track ‘I Want Liberation‘. It’s so fun and motivating and instantly makes you want to keep on listening to the rest of the record. Riding high on that optimism, we’re launch into straight up dance track ‘0ld Fashioned’, with a soulful twist courtesy of Enda Gallery‘s dynamic voice. Third on the EP is ‘Raw’, a more experimental and autotuned take on his style that shows off a more tender aspect to his creativity. We close out the listening journey with ‘This Is That Moment’, a big and bold piano ballad full of carpe diem energy, staunch bass and heartfelt lyrics.

In summary, Enda Gallery reflects on the EP:

“I Want Liberation is a song to unite and liberate the body, mind, and heart at a time where we all seek, desire and need that liberation.


Dance. Feel. Witness. Surrender.”

Now that you’re fully acquainted, you can listen to the new Liberation EP in full below.

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