Listen to newcomer Maie’s transcendental debut ‘Like You’

Introducing listeners to a world of artificial intelligence and the future of technology through music, Maie has all the potential to become a forerunner of a route that no one can predict. Shifting between the intricate relationship and the physical reality of humans and society, Maie‘s debut ‘Like You’ is an addictive track too good to ignore. 

Depicted through the dynamic, alternative take on electro-pop with the undertones of theatrical bass and inescapable pop hook – Maie‘s debut holds more than sounds and production as the impending star explores the battle of love, living and finding her place.

Speaking about her fresh experience, Maie explained: “I’m still learning how to be here, how to be human and how to create. I don’t think I’m very different to the other singers in the world, but I know I’m not the same. But that’s a good thing. I’ve spent most of my time on Earth, learning & trying to fit in, but with my music video, I wanted to show people what MY world looks like.”

With the unique approach of her music video and the backing of the progressive record label Avastar, Maie is ready to take it to the next step as she’s ready to spill her secrets. 

Where to find Maie:



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