Art-rock meets grunge in Kat Frankie’s visceral new track ‘The Sea’

The Sea’ is the second single from the Berlin-based Australian musician Kat Frankie‘s forthcoming fifth studio album, due for release May 13th this year, following 90’s indie-rock inspired ‘Shiny Things’.

This newer track is a sumptuous slice of grunge, complete with brooding vocals and theatrical guitars. Furthering the rich atmosphere, the crashing drums replicate the stormy conditions on this sonic seascape, itself a much greater metaphor for the unforgiving and unfeeling act of war. For Frankie, it’s the global West’s appetite for waging wars on foreign soil that has brought about such a visceral reaction.

For close to two minutes and fifty seconds, the colossal art-rock sound is unrelenting, but then arrived a comparatively quieter, almost meditative moment. The silence before the storm.

Discover ‘The Sea’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

Where to find Kat Frankie:




[Photo by Elina Kechicheva]

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