‘Drop The Match’ is the thriller-inspired single from Jake Daniels

Opening with a heavy baseline and warbling electric guitar, Jake Daniels immediately sets the mood for his fiery new single ‘Drop The Match’. An impulsive song title for an impulsive song, one that is driven on the wants and desires of a carnal spirit, one who has little regard for the consequences. This groove-laden production is the perfect setting for Daniels‘ thriller-inspired story.

“The track is a thriller style, love story where the main character is talking to two people at once. The woman in the story finds out, ties the other to a tree, pours gasoline and sets the other on fire. It’s pretty gruesome and extreme, very messed up like the songs I usually end up writing.”

At this point, previous listeners of Daniels might recall his viral single ‘Two Face’, a similarly dark and furrowed track that propelled this New York artist on many a tastemaker’s radar.

Both tunes, were written to explore the complex condition of being human, as Daniels further explains:

though the narrative is thriller, soap-opera type of reference, there’s a deeper meaning: the fire is meant to represent the anger humans may feel from betrayal, while the match represents the decision we choose to make moving forward. In this case, she’s so angry, she has to set the other person ablaze. I think that’s how many of us feel if we’re in a similar, messy situation and what we wish we could do when something like this happens to us (even if we don’t do it — and I’m not condoning it, either).”

Out now via CloudKid, we wonder what rhythm-wrapped romps Jake Daniels will have for us next.

Check out ‘Drop The Match’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

Where to find Jake Daniels:




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