Introducing Pale Moon with sleepy alt-pop single ‘Clown’

All too often, it’s easier to tell jokes than to be honest; to gloss over our insecurities or true emotions with self-deprecating humour, sarcasm or plain silly misdirection. It’s a survival mechanism that many of us develop over time, including Nata Sushchenko, one-half of indie duo Pale Moon, whose comic character inspired new single ‘Clown’. As she explains, “Often I feel more comfortable being funny than genuine and I wrote the song about it.”

Sushchenko’s role in the band is to translate her experiences into mindful lyrics and captivating melodies, while the other half of Pale Moon, Arni Gudjonsson, transforms those gossamer shapes into fully fledged music. For ‘Clown’, the duo allowed themselves to push the boundaries for their most intricate and produced track to date.

Built on their shared loved of the 70s era, it was The Doors’ enigmatic sound that they began building ‘Clown’ upon, however, it’s only a pre-chorus chord progression that may remind you of the iconic ‘Riders on the Storm’. Elsewhere, it is Pale Moon‘s dream-like textures that take over, complete with sleepy americana guitars, mellow bass and sauntering drums. It’s a truly sophisticated reverie.

‘Clown’ is out now through AU! Records, based in Spain where this Serbian-Icelandic duo first met.

You can also find the track in our Outsiders Club and Shades of Pop playlists.

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