Dubai singer-songwriter Jonathan Lobo shares encouraging indie-folk single ‘Start Again’

If you’re in need of some gentle encouragement today, particularly is you’re facing seemingly unsurpassable obstacles or a difficult challenge, then we have just the song for you. Hailing from Dubai, Jonathan Lobo is a promising young songwriter who has been quietly working on his craft behind closed doors, but recently began sharing his creativity with the world as we hear in new single ‘Start Again’.

As he explains: “I’ve been writing music since an early age but only recently had the courage to start sharing it with the world. This song is a testament to that courage and I hope you enjoy it.”

Written over the course of a year, ‘Start Again’ tracks the journey of how our perspective on the world can change, whether through time or an asserted effort. The lullaby-esque first part of the song came to be in October 2020, amidst the covid-19 pandemic, and its tranquil acoustic guitar and reflective lyrics clearly brought comfort to the artist through that stressful time. A year later, Lobo wrote the second half after a period of self-discovery, at a time when it was beginning to feel possible for all of us to begin our stories again. You can feel that sense of hope in the bursting rhythms, bright percussion and Lobo‘s bolder vocals.

The two halves are tied together by production from Aman Sheriff and the song’s carpe diem message is brought further to life by artwork from Lobo‘s talented sister.

Although life is still uncertain and we could be plunged into a lockdown or another personal trial at any moment, ‘Start Again’ is a reminder that life is to be lived, all we need is a little courage.

You can listen to ‘Start Again’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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