‘It Feels Now’ is the hazy, synth-pop single from Far West

Ryan Settles, aka Far West, is back at Unrecorded again for another dose of his washed-out, feel-good sound following last year’s release of ‘a to z’. This side of the new year, the California newcomer shares ‘It Feels Now’, which is actually his ninth track since the musician began releasing his music at the start of 2020. From the looks of the artist’s Spotify plays, he’s been consistently picking up listens, proving that his productivity is paying off.

‘It Feels Now’ is a more synth-forward and upbeat take on his hazy guitar-pop style. From the start, we are greeted with shoegazey guitars, punching drums, reverberated bass and bright synths that almost never let up. This full composition conjures up feelings of running through the night with your friends, from one adventure to the next, elevated with an additional cinematic flair thanks to that intermittent ’80s-era saxophone solo. Then there’s the recurring wishful lyric, “to be with you”, which also hints towards a romantic pursuit and rather than it being a source of anxiety or heartbreak (as often happens with indie music), for Far West it’s full of hope.

This one is a real crowd-pleaser designed to celebrate the present moment.

Listen to ‘It Feels Now’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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