‘Carousel’ is Latir’s blissfully romantic single featuring Olivia Nelson & Tokio Myers

February is the classic season of love and so it’s seems appropriate that London artist Latir would announce his forthcoming Anthems For Lovers EP, the first track of which we’re hearing is ‘Carousel’ featuring vocalist Olivia Nelson and pianist Tokio Myers.

“For those feeling helplessly in love, for those who have felt this feeling, and for those who are yet to fall… I hope this song aids your eventual, transcendental moments, as though you are on a Carousel, to nowhere and everywhere all at the same time,” shares Latir.

This magical trio have made something blissfully romantic and yet not cliched. The swooning vocals, the backing beats, string section, tinkling keys all melt together in a neo-soul production that accentuates all the soft textures.

These sonic lines run parallel to Latir‘s previously released EP, Until Forever, but the exciting development since then is that the artist has taken on a producer role and in fact ‘Carousel’ is his first self-produced track.

Check out ‘Carousel’ in our R&B for Days playlist.

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