‘Denver 2015’ provides insight into Bleak Soul’s upcoming album

After eight years of extensively writing, recording, releasing and touring music under the name As It Is, Benjamin Langford-Biss has taken a step back from that project to pursue new creative avenues. In 2020, all was revealed when the artist released their debut solo album as Bleak Soul, which explores aspects of mental health within the varied soundscape of guitar-heavy rock songs, acoustic ballads, jazz and ’80s new wave. Now, Bleak Soul is back with news of another album although this next one, titled Shouting With Nothing To Say, promises to be more sonically focussed.

Our first taste of the record is ‘Denver 2015’, which typifies the raw soft-grunge sound of Bleak Soul‘s new chapter, which reflects on time spent in America and the rough reality of life on the road.

“Denver 2015 is the first of a trilogy of songs on the record set in Denver over a 4 year span. Although it’s a quiet somber acoustic track it’s actually quite comical. This song details my first ever time touring America when our driver was speeding black ice to get to a dispensary before it closed. That night we stayed in the worst place I’ve ever had the displeasure of staying in. In essence the song is about how we go through pain and discomfort in order to do the things we love and how in turn the things we love might kill us. This song sets the scene and the auto-biographical narrative for the record.”

With a strings of live shows and new album incoming, Bleak Soul is set to have quite the year.

You can also listen to ‘Denver 2015’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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