‘Good Riddance’ is the sound of revolution from Newcastle’s Abnorm

We’re starting this week on a real strong note thanks to ‘Good Riddance’, the powerful new single from Newcastle alt-rockers Abnorm. From the outset, you’ll be captured by the quiet rage of lead singer’s Abbie in the first melodious 15 seconds; although it’s a misleading opening, because in reality, this band don’t hold back on their emotions, indicated by the burst of riveting guitars (courtesy of Matthew and Jamie) and crashing drums (from Michael). The controlled-yet-ferocious instrumentation creates the sturdy backdrop for the singer’s determined lyrics, “We burn stronger every day / Without a doubt / So good riddance to each one / We’ll be happy now they’re gone / And the fire that they know will burn on.” The listener could interpret these potent words in any way that applies to their own lives, but for Abnorm‘s songwriter, ‘Good Riddance’ was a final cathartic farewall to the hospitality industry, which so readily uses and abuses its workers.

Here, Abbie explains the context behind this track in great detail:

“‘Good Riddance’ was  written at a time when I was struggling through one of the hardest days of my life; I was the angriest I’d ever been and the rage was consuming me. I worked in the hospitality industry for many years,  and what management can legally do to workers in some places is borderline traumatising. The  abuse and sexism you can receive, the overworking, the lack of breaks, the toxic environments, the  sleepless nights, the working till your fingers bleed, being underpaid, having your tips removed from  you, etc. It’s all normalised and brushed under the carpet and when you complain about it – it’s  somehow always your fault.”

Ultimately, this song represents an “acceptance of a terrible situation and a middle finger  to those who propel the downward spiral of workers’ rights. It’s about the revolution that is yet to  come and the justice that we deserve.” And so, viva la revolution and rock along to ‘Good Riddance’ below!

You can also listen to ‘Good Riddance’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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