Late Hala’s ‘Dark Clouds’ exudes 90s British soft-rock songwriting

Late Hala‘s ‘Dark Clouds’ is an impressive single, one that takes the listener on an over four minute adventure which starts with a determined “never” before spiralling on down into dimensions of failed efforts and inwardly directed blame. There’s a 90s soft-rock nostalgia to this track, with its open guitar strings and trip-hop inspired rhythms, all of which allows space for Late Hala‘s compassionate vocal expressions.

As we head towards each chorus, this atmospheric instrumentation swells, like a cloud heavy with rain, before we step into the head-bopping construction that underpins the song’s central mantra “don’t forget to breathe”. The overall effect is one of an inhale and exhale motion, and thus ‘Dark Clouds’ is both a lyrical and sonic reminder to take a breath, even when your emotions and circumstances are pressing down upon you.

In keeping with the song’s poetic imagery, the music video for ‘Dark Clouds’ displays the isolated figure of Late Hala surrounded by bleak and highly-saturated landscapes, which exaggerates that overwhelming sense of emotion that our protagonist battles through.

As a final note, it’s worth mentioning that everything was performed by Late Hala as a solo artist, with the exception of the drums courtesy of Mathias ‘Bang’ Madsen and this particular track was also co-produced and mixed by John Victor (of Gengahr).

You can discover ‘Dark Clouds’ and a variety of rock-leaning tracks in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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