Jozem explores the polarities of creativity in ‘Goderich’


Toronto based artist Jozem digs deep in new, soul bearing single ‘Goderich’.

Overflowing with soft electronics and laid back production, ‘Goderich’ is coated in Jozem‘s smooth, sublime vocal tones and introspective lyricism. He dissects his relationship with his creativity, exploring the external pressure to constantly churn out content alongside his internal need to create and how that need fluctuates with the ebb and flow of life.

He discovers that in order to access what is yearning to come through he has to let go of the expectations placed upon himself. It’s there in the space he is able to come back and harness the flow that has been waiting to be unleashed, explaining that “Goderich is a song about letting go, a song about falling in and out of love with my creative process and realizing that it is in these ‘in between’ moments of quiet that you will again find the love and inspiration. I wrote it after experiencing a long period of creative block, trying to force things and worrying that I had lost my touch/connection to my creativity then realizing that it was okay to have these moments of drought, and that it was all part of the process. Once I let go, it came back overflowing.”


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