To infinity & beyond: check out Foxford’s cover of Childish Gambino’s iconic track, ‘3005’

Los Angeles-based star-on-the-rise, Foxford unveils his latest offering; a sparkling, sunshine-filled rendition of Childish Gambino’s iconic single, ‘3005’.

Having made his start in music back in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee Foxford has been on the up and up, releasing unique R&B infused tracks with compelling animated visuals inspired by his training as an artist and video game animator. Check out Foxford’s previous video for the track ‘Sun Beamin‘ below.

Determined to maintain his trajectory and carve out a name for himself, Foxford puts his own spin on ‘3005‘ giving the up-beat track a melodic rap twist with subtle elements of trap-infused production and added percussive layers. The resulting sound is a memorable, feel-good tune oozing with originality, surprise electronic elements and Foxford’s effortless rap delivery. Check out the single below and see for yourself!

Listen to Foxford, – ‘3005’


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