Newcastle’s Butterjunk returns with new wavey jaunt ‘Face Again’

We can’t believe that it’s been over a year since Newcastle band Butterjunk graced the pages of Unrecorded. Back then it was their single ‘Little Alien’, which showed so much promises for this fledging outfit, and we’re pleased to report that this now four-piece is back. As you’ll hear in newest release ‘Face Again’, their shoegazey sound is more developed and confident, without falling into predictable dream-pop clichés.

‘Face Again’ hinges on the repeated question “do you want to see my face again?”, an unanswered inquiry that could be interpreted in so many different ways. The most relevant to the band is down to the unavoidable separation of lockdown, in which distance could perhaps have someone wondering if a love interest even misses them. For the listener, this question could arise during long distance relationships or in the raw phase shortly following a breakup. Whatever the case, Butterjunk takes the sting out of the myriad of unwanted realities with a jaunty new wave soundscape, very much inspired by the likes of The Cure, Beach Fossils and Day Wave.

Here, front man Ben Ayres recalls how to song developed from something more insular and pensive into one that’s extroverted and optimistic:

“The song was originally written during one of the lockdowns. Whilst it in the studio, the song evolved and became more upbeat, especially with the strong drum pattern. As a band, we then experimented with guitars and synths, overall being inspired by the dream and new wave sounds that have influenced Butterjunk and our signature sound.”

You can also listen to ‘Face Again’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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