Manchester indie band Origami Tsunami share affirming post-punk anthem ‘Life Hack’

Origami Tsunami, a band name that you might feel like telling your friends to say five times fast after a couple of pints at one of their Manchester gigs. The Northern band sure know what they’re doing putting these two distinctive words together; you’ll remember the name, although that being said, a good band name is nothing without the music. As you’ve probably already guessed by the fact that we’re writing about it, Origami Tsunami also deliver on the sound as you’ll hear from their most recent track ‘Life Hack’.

On this single, the band keep close to their city’s roots with this indie-rock romp that lands us somewhere in the mid-late 00s for nostalgic effect. In the preamble to each chorus, it’s all noodling guitars, math-rock time signatures and unforgettable lyrics, such as “I drove my car into a concrete mixer, and the plot thickens, it was sickeningly beautiful.” It’s that dramatic scene that launches us into the furious chorus, which springs into the post-punk energy of crashing drums, aggressive guitars and deftly played bass. There’s a tangible sense of adventure in ‘Life Hack’, coupled with the optimistic direction of youth.

Released independently and produced by Vin Weight, the confident ‘Life Hack’ is a welcome return for a band who haven’t given us anything since the Drift Into The Sun EP, released all the way back in September 2020. What we hope that this recent hiatus and bold comeback will bring us more life-affirming anthems, just like this one.

You can also listen to ‘Life Hack’ in Indie Rockers playlist.

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