Howard Kaye’s conveys life’s struggles in unflinching alt-rock & pop-punk single ‘Shadows In The Dark’

Today, we’re listening to new single ‘Shadows In The Dark’ from Howard Kaye, who listeners might know better as the front man of hip-hop-meet-electronica collective CROOX. The only hint of his other life can be detected in the stuttering trap beats that punctuate the nightly veil of this alt-rock and pop-punk romper.

The energy that Kaye delivers throughout this single, whether through his full-throttle vocals or the wall of noise instrumentation, is unparalleled. Most telling, these impassioned expressions have their roots in the musician’s personal experience, as he goes to share with us below.

“Shadows In The Dark is a song about keeping my inner demons at bay. Over the past couple of years I have worked incredibly hard on bettering myself, as a musician, an artist but most importantly as a human. ‘Shadows’ is about the constant pressure of everyday life and doing what I can to not become a victim to my struggles with mental health and stay on the path I am on. In the chorus I talk about ‘There’s no angels watching over me, just the Devil’s in the street’ as a reference to the constant negative influences surrounding me trying to drag me back into the dark place I was in.”

From the thunderous guitars to the thrashing drums, ‘Shadows In The Dark’ is unflinching in its honest approach to life’s hardships. For some of us, everyday is done in survival mode and this is a song for those fighters.

You can also rock along to ‘Shadows In The Dark’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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