Fall in love with Molly Roberts piano-pop ballad ‘Wings To Fly’

No doubt, there’ll be several of us music addicts updating our playlists this weekend, using those precious bank holidays and our keen ears for good. If you have a more downtempo, heartbreak ballad kind of playlist, then let us heartily recommend Molly Roberts‘ recent release ‘Wings To Fly’.

It’s a gorgeous piece of classic songwriting that relies on romantic violins and rich piano to compliment the rises and fall of the artist’s flawless voice. Really that’s the start of the show – in many ways, it’s an accessible pop voice, but then you catch little quirks whether that’s a pitch break and warble, which gives a whole new emotional dimension to the performance. We especially love the confessional tone Roberts has chosen, singing “I didn’t know any better”, portraying a sense of naivety that we can all relate to.

Before we leave you to enjoy this true-to-rights ballad, here’s what Molly Roberts had to say about the single:

 “Wings To Fly is a song about resilience and hope and having enough courage to follow your dreams, no matter how difficult it may be or how many challenges you face. The overall message of the song is about seizing the day and learning to embrace change.

I wrote ‘Wings To Fly’ quite quickly in the summer of 2021. I was listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell and Carole King and so I tried to write something which was both emotional but also simple. I didn’t want too much production on the track either. I recorded a version with a much larger orchestration with percussion and synths but instead decided that a simple and more classic arrangement worked better. I decided to record and add a live string quartet to the track too which I think enhanced the emotional build of the song.”

You can also listen to ‘Wings To Fly’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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