Introducing the cosmic grandeur of The Pink Nostaglia’s synth-pop storytelling in ‘Radio Silence’

There’s few songs which align with the cosmic grandeur of a one like ‘Radio Silence’ from The Pink Nostalgia, a London-based British creative who only really began his journey in the public sphere twelve months ago. Since he’s already armed with a gorgeous singing voice and keen ear for delicate alt-electro compositions, we’re quite surprised that this project hasn’t had more ears and eyes on it, but that’s why we’re here, to help guide our fellow music junkies to the good stuff.

And ‘Radio Silence’ is just that, the good stuff. It starts out as an intriguing, but altogether minimalist, pop ballad structured around the sweeping undulations of Jospeh James‘ voice. We’re invited into the mysterious world further through the layered, 80s-esque synths, subtle bass, spaced out piano chords. At the 1:15 mark, this classy affair takes an unexpected leap into ambient electronica, in which pulsating beats and dexterous rhythms take over, with best supporting actor is the form of an expressive saxophone. Undoubtedly, it’s a mature affectation of the synth-pop genre, one that reflects a significant moment in James‘ life, as he explains below.

“Radio Silence is one of those songs that I just needed to write. It felt like a chapter of my life that needed closing, and putting it into song gave me the closer on the situation I was looking for. It’s an ambient indie pop song, inspired by songs like ‘Mantra’ by Sam Fender and ‘If I Believe You’ by The 1975; using heavy use of the sax as a way to really emote the song’s mood. It’s about relationships that have served their purpose, and have been and gone, but suddenly how things in life quickly remind you of that situation again, sending you back into that bad mindset.”

We’re totally in awe of the bubbling electronica, symbolic songwriting and glassine vocals. We hope to hear more of this calibre from The Pink Nostalgia in the near future.

You can find ‘Radio Silence’ in both our Shades of Pop and Electro Feels playlists.

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