From GmBt Life’s debut album 10 Minutes, ‘His Voice Is Sweet’ is a pensive & bittersweet introduction

‘His Voice Is Sweet’ is the tender and introspective new single from mysterious French-based collective GmBt Life, made up of Aleksi Mäkelä, Timo Zwandun and Nabim Fieev. Bringing in the influence of their cultural connections to Finland, Afghanistan and France, their sound is eerily reminiscent of The National’s softer ballads or Curse of Lono’s recent solo work or even the immortalised aura of Elliott Smith.

As you’ll find in ‘His Voice Is Sweet’, their music is designed to induce moments of deep thought, via the rich piano chords and brushed acoustic strings, both of which echo with a warm reverberation. Underneath the piano and string elements is the minimalist percussion, permeating the background with a gentle sense of rhythm without distracting from the overlying melancholic melody. The crackling analog textures of the recording are also nothing short of nostalgic, which pair perfectly with subtly gravelled and time-weathered vocals of the outfit’s lead singer who brings forth poetic lyrics, such as “his voice is sweet, he’s taking drugs, is he still a human being?” Through this meditative, alternative single the trio question what is to be human in a world of contradictions, although it may bring up a myriad of different questions for each listener.

This standout single also features alongside nine additional tracks on GmBt Life‘s debut album, 10 Minutes, which was entirely written, recorded and produced by this impressive independent band.

Stream ‘His Voice Is Sweet’ below and catch it in our Folk This Way playlist.

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