Montreal’s Tatum Quinn releases impassioned rock-pop single ‘Sell Your Soul’

The music industry, like many creative pursuits built on passion but skewed by those who are in it for greed and power, is not an easy path to follow. Ask anyone who is in music and they’ll have as many breakdown stories as they will have highlights; it’s the fickle nature of this beast we call art. One artist who is being brave enough to open up this discourse around the darker side of the industry is Tatum Quinn, the Montreal singer, songwriter and performer who penned the passionate new song ‘Sell Your Soul’ when she was at her lowest point.

As the Canadian talent explains: “Sell Your Soul is a song written to myself; a song that at my lowest, was all I felt I had. Having no hope I phoned my family telling them ‘that’s it for me and music…I’m done!’ not realizing the pain that was fuelling this song was bringing me back around to the one thing I love & desire most…music.”

Evidently, Quinn chose not to throw in the towel after all, but she’s still retained those pure feelings of frustration, disappointment and even anger throughout this evocative rock-pop single. ‘Sell Your Soul’ starts out with a tapestry of synth textures and a melancholic melody in which the artist’s sings, “have you ever, have you ever felt so low? like all your hard work, yeah it goes unknown.” This is followed by impassioned motifs of hopelessness and surrender, accentuated by Quinn’s incredible rock vocal, as well as the hard-hitting drums and layered guitars, heard both as the melodic riff and gritty, solitary chords. The song continues to build the sonic heat until all these elements seemingly collide in untamed chaos – this represents the final breaking point. Exhausted, Tatum Quinn‘s voice drift off into the distance, the music going along with her.

Reflecting on the message of ‘Sell Your Soul’, it’s startling and telling narrative of the emotional and mental strain that chasing after one’s dreams can take on a person, especially in the music industry. Our final take away is that we should all listen, learn and try to make a more compassionate world.

You can also listen to ‘Sell You Soul’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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