‘Morals’ is the R&B-pop fantasy from DMV artist Helen

Today, we’d like to welcome you to the sumptuous world of Helen, the Maryland-based artist whose new single ‘Morals’ is an R&B-pop banger inspired by the golden era of the early 2000s when full bodied R&B started to be influenced by increasingly available electronic pop sounds. We’ve also come to understand that this style is a departure from Helen‘s previous funk-pop sound as heard in preceding track release ‘Bitter Bitch’, but that already shows the diversity of this artist’s intuitions.

‘Morals’ sounds so natural and fluid, that you would think this was the genre she’d operated in from day one. From the simmering R&B melodies, to the contrasted synth breaks, to her gossamer vocalisms – it all comes together in a sensuous synergy. It’s the kind of track you’d want to play alone bopping your head to the staccato beats and swerving to the winding melodies, all the while embracing your own main character fantasies.

Here, Helen gives us a bit more context to the creation of this unmissable alt-R&B number:

“I wrote ‘Morals’ back in early February after coming across the main bass sample. I had been talking with a friend about how it would feel to be so invested in someone that you would do anything for them so I wanted to find a way to write about that. It was really fun to write and work on. “

Rounding out at an the radio-ready 3:15 minute mark, ‘Morals’ simply leaves the listener craving more of the ravishing lyrics and intricate R&B-inspired production.

You can also listen to ‘Morals’ in our R&B For Days and Electro Feels playlists.

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