American romanticism, nostalgia & heartbreak comes together in Drew Thomas’ ‘San Francisco’


On first listening to ‘San Francisco’ from Drew Thomas, you probably wouldn’t guess that this artist is from the UK, because he really does capture that American romanticism and unique sound in this indie-rock triumph.

At first, this track seems like a relatively tame affair with a detailed backbeat and Thomas‘ relaxed vocals, which convey a nostalgic tone for a far-off city. However, that dreamy reverie quickly disappears in place of the immediacy of trashing drums, energetic guitars and the full force of Thomas‘ indie-rock voice. From here on out, he continues to flex that incredible voice as he passionately returns to each impactful chorus.

Between every break-neck-speed chorus, there’s a heart felt interlude which allows the listener to catch their breath after singing along with Thomas, but also for the band to employ a variety of cinematic flourishes. Whether that’s the delicate piano melody or brushed acoustic guitar, these moments equally pull on our heart strings.

As for the true meaning behind this effective indie-rock romper, Drew Thomas candidly shares: “San Francisco is about a long term relationship and the sickening feeling you get when you miss someone you love. It started off as a classic piano ballad but the more I played it, the more I realised it was a rock song at heart.”

Check out ‘San Francisco’ in our Indie Rockers playlist or stream right now below.

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