‘This Is You Sign’ is the cinematic, repeat-worthy single from Cael Dadian


Next up in our mega music haul this Friday is ‘This Is Your Sign’, the captivating new single from San Diego artist Cael Dadian, who entirely wrote, produced and engineered this track. His self-starting intentions don’t just end at the technical side of this song, Dadian also has a very clear intent for what he wants the audience to take away from their listening experience:

““This is Your Sign” is a point a to b journey of a track with a slower mellow multi genre inspired first half and a high energy poppier second half. You’ll land somewhere different than you began and this is certainly a track to sink your teeth into. Thematically, it’s about urging that person to reach back out and despite any doubts they may have.”

From our own time listening to ‘This Is Your Sign’, there’s no denying that this makes the perfect late-night drive track, ideal for when you’re cruising around contemplating life. It starts out with ethereal electronica and alternative samples which form the perfect flow for Dadian‘s smooth pop voice, which at points leans into contemporary R&B melodies. Following this serene introduction, the multi-talented artist drops into bass-ier territory with cinematic synths, retro drum effects and he swaps out the acoustic guitar for sustained electric guitar chords. What brings all of these elements together is Dadian‘s voice which tells you directly and reassuringly, “it’s gonna be alright, this is your sign.”

The whole time we were listening to ‘This Is Your Sign’, we couldn’t help but groove along to the bold rhythm and we even found ourselves singing along to the catchy chorus by the end. It’s totally repeat-worthy!

You can also listen to ‘This Is You Sign’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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