The Unbeat Soul instills vulnerability into piano-led song ‘Glance’


A fleeting look, a whiskey-away appearance, a momentary meeting of the eyes – a glance can change it all. For singer-songwriter and producer Stephen Langstaff, aka The Unbeat Soul, he feels this so keenly in this delicate new single ‘Glance’.

This song is composed of the eternal pairing of piano and voice; these two sonic partners dance together like the kismet couple that is portrayed here. Through this emotive style and Langstaff‘s penchant for affective storytelling, we’re fully drawn into this lovelorn narrative as though we were watching a crucial scene in a romantic movie. Except, this isn’t a film at all, it’s undeniably drawn from an authentic experience.

Shedding further light on the context to this piano-led song, the London-via-Liverpool artist tells us that, “‘Glance’ is about vulnerability. It’s trying to let someone know how much you need them for support without being a drama queen about it. The little things in life mean the most, don’t they? So saying “If you think I don’t need you, take another glance” summed it up for me”.”

The next time you’re at a loss for words as to how to express your love for your partner, why not send them this song and let the talented Stephen Langstaff help you over that stumbling block?

You can also find ‘Glance’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

Where to find The Unbeat Soul:




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