Sam Scherdel’s ‘Don’t Really Like You’ is a feel-good, indie-rock gem


Our final track before we head into the weekend is this synth-forward indie-rock gem from Sheffield’s very own Sam Scherdel. We’re really glad that we saved this one until the end, because it’s such a feel-good and sincere song that’s putting us into the best mood at the end of a long week.

‘Don’t Really Like You’ is the misleading title to a song that encapsulates the head-rush feeling of falling blissfully in love, as you’ll hear in Scherdel‘s impassioned lyrics. Each verse is jam-packed full of earnest promises that lead into the bombastic and indisputably catchy chorus. We can already imagine a room full of people at a live gig singing along with Scherdel, “I don’t really like you, I love you!” If singing isn’t your preferred mode of expression, then fear not, this track is peppered with dance-inducing motifs, from the retro synth melody through the the wild guitar solo. You’ll be hard pressed to restrain yourself from joining in with this song in one way or another.

Ultimately, ‘Don’t Really Like You’ is a welcome return for the musician after a five year hiatus, but after meeting his current partner, Sam Scherdel was overcome with the inspiration that we now hear in this unmissable indie listen.

Naturally, you’ll also find ‘Don’t Really Like You’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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