‘Nishida’ is groovy psych-pop single from Antwerp’s Morisse Monty


Morisse Monty‘s new single ‘Nishida’ is a very special find, one that encourages you to introspectively take life in, made all the easier by the sumptuous bass and lighthearted indie-pop melodies pieced together by the Antwerp artist. It’s very much in line with bass-forward psych-pop outfits like Ginger Root and Kid Bloom, who equally use their feel-good rhythms to convey deeper meanings to the listener.

Here, Monty demonstrates just that intention by sharing the backstory to this sincere song:

“This song is about Nishida-san, a homeless man who makes a living picking the streets of Osaka clean. Nishida is happy with what he’s got and makes the best of it. This is a hommage to his kind spirit.”

Once we’d fully absorbed the sweet grooves and playful melodies of ‘Nishida’, we noticed the cover artwork which is strangely symbolic for the art that most of us consume. In the same way that we probably all watch plastic bag floating through the air with a strange mixture of awe and detachment, we also listen to great songs, buy and sell graphic art, watch sculptures comes to life through the inhuman screen of our phones and laptops. The natural and the man-made all too easily collide in our ever day world and we very much take it for granted. So as you listen to this musical gem through you headphones or speakerphones, take a minute to appreciate the ease and abundance of life and give a thought to Nishida-san.

You can also listen to ‘Nishida’ in our Outsiders Club and Soul & Grooves playlists.

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