Cat Ryan returns with jangly indie-pop ‘Rex Mundi’

Since the last time we wrote about Newcastle-based outfit Cat Ryan, they’ve added some new members to the ranks and now has grown to a five-pice consisting of Evie, Lucas, Mary-Anne, Simon and Charlie. The new line-up’s first outing is ‘Rex Mundi’, a jangling and upbeat lofi rock number that the band’s primary songwriter Mary-Anne wrote on a trip back to her family home in rural Ireland. Without wifi and all the distractions that come with that, this song came out in a flow, which is retained in the running rhythm of this final recording.

Here, Mary-Anne recalls the initial writing process behind ‘Rex Mundi’:

The musical basis for the song arose from a fun bassline I created with a midi keyboard. With  the addition of the upbeat drums, it evolved into a fast-paced song which, naturally, called  for lyrics with a fast-moving theme – hence the greyhounds! In terms of the lyrics, these came about after visiting my aunt and uncle nearby, where I learned that they’d recently got  a new greyhound named ‘Rex Mundi’ (Latin for ‘King of the World’), which instantly  resonated with me and, as greyhounds are known for their speed, it seemed like a perfect  theme to fit with the musical vibe.

As the narrative of this song evolves, the original image of the sleek and quick greyhound extends into the symbol of the underdog, who at first runs from social injustice, but realising that they won’t make a lasting change that way, they turn and fight. This is the true actions of a “king of the world”.

Quite suitably, you can also find ‘Rex Mundi’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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