Sarpa Salpa keep the indie-disco goodness coming with ‘Dreaming’


Northampton-based band Sarpa Salpa is back for their third time on Unrecorded, following on from their A Feeling You Can’t Replace EP back in April last year. What’s even more incredible is that today’s feature ‘Dreaming’ is in fact the third track that they’ve released since the EP which is a real sign of a band who is here to stay, in our oh-so humble opinion.

Anyone whose come across Sarpa Salpa before will be familiar with their indie-disco sound, as heard best in EP track ‘Forwards Backwards’, and they’ve carried on forging a bond with that vibrant genre as is evident from ‘Dreaming’. Even the lyric video (which you can see below) is a montage of bright lights, energetic scenes and lively interactions, complimenting the equally upbeat and impactful sounds of this eclectic indie track.

As ever, we love to have some extra context from the band and this time vocalist Marcus Marooth says, ‘’Dreaming is about the stark emotional difference I feel from when we are stood on stage performing, to difficult times in our personal lives and struggling to make ends meet. The immense highs of touring and playing live vs the Monday morning post-gig lows. Later in the track it references our reliance on each other as friends as well as our partners and families whose indispensable support keeps us going.”

‘Dreaming’ is a concentrate of all those epic nights on stage, with wavy synth-pop melodies, percussion which dramatically ebbs and flows, and an unparalleled pop-rock voicing fronting it all.

Check out ‘Dreaming’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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