The Banquets return with ‘Restless’, an alt-folk reflection on life in lockdown

This week, we’re very happy to welcome The Banquets back to the pages of Unrecorded. We last featured them in 2021 with their brit-pop, party-ready track ‘What Ya Sayin’?’, but that’s not what we’ve got this time around. For new single ‘Restless’, the Leeds-based outfit turn towards a more gentle, alt-folk inspired sound with layered rich harmonies and plenty of acoustic elements to share their personal experience of lockdown in the UK, which was the result of repeated waves of the covid-19 pathogen.

The shuffling textures generated by the soft hand-tapped percussion conveys the ever-moving energy of those who are unable to rest; it’s not forced either, it’s an organic and natural sense. As we hear in the central lyrics, “We never wanted to be restless”, because it’s an innate feeling. These sweeping and poetic words also make a hint towards the Ancient Greek tradition with “I’ve always had wings on my feet”, which most of us will recognise as the signature characteristic of Hermes, the messenger god who never rested.

‘Restless’ is the collaborative songwriting effort of Leon (Guitar, Backing Vox) and Gem Russell-Hills(Lead Vox), two extroverts who were plunged into an introverted lifestyle. The restrained frustration and melancholic tones are an honest reflection of their time in lockdown.

You can also listen to ‘Restless’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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