Find a home with the reassuring & warm sound of Certain’s ‘It’s Alright’ feat. Amara Latchford

Since Birmingham-based project Certain made its debut in 2021, they’ve been sharing special collaborations, such as ‘Whatever I Do'( featuring Ange Llloyd) and ‘Sunshine Down To The Soles Of My Shoes’ (featuring Taylor Stylez). With Certain’s third and latest release ‘It’s Alright’, having a featured artist – this time it’s Amara Latchford (pictured) – is not the only reoccurring commonality, because once again it’s that positivity that shines through.

As Certain shared with us, ‘It’s Alright’ is an open-armed safe space for anyone who feels like an outsider, a misfit or even just a bad dancer. You can groove along to the summery rhythms of this song without fearing judgement. Latchford‘s soaring, warm and soulful vocal perfectly compliments the layered instrumentation consisting of raw guitar strums, shaking percussion and sun-hot electric guitar riffs, all of which are knitted together with a late 80s/early 90s pop chord progression.

Adding to that sense of reassurance, is the central repeated lyric on which the whole song hinges, “If there’s someone for me, there will be someone for you,” with an inviting backing voice singing “so c’mon inside!”

‘It’s Alright’ is such a feel-good moment that has put us in the best mood for the weekend. Where the Certain project will go next? You’ll have to keep tabs on them to find out!

You can also listen to ‘It’s Alright’ in both our Outsiders Club and Soul & Grooves playlists.

Where to find Certain:




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