Norwich’s alternative duo PleasureInc. drops the subversive ‘Croissant’

Buttery, crispy, layered and delicious – are we talking about actual croissants or the sound of PleasureInc.‘s new song of the same name? In our opinion, it’s both although the music version veers much more from traditional and the expected that the patisserie.

In the vein of easy life or Warmduscher, PleasureInc.’s swerving and subversive alternative style is dipped in 90s nostalgia from the very start, with their silly Fonejacker-inspired introduction. ‘Croissant’ progresses into a stomping rhythm, marching bass, spooky synth keys and springy guitars. Keeping in step with the jangly instrumentation is the gruff, sarcastic and passive lyrics that bite at the heels of the song’s continuous groove.

“Croissant was probably the easiest song we have ever written; the entire song just fell out of our heads into the computer. We were obsessed with the idea of embracing the nonsensical, specifically trying not to overthink things lyrically. ‘Tell me what you want / Feed me my croissant’ came out of thin air and just stuck, as did the entirety of the first half of the song. We were channeling Beastie Boys, De La Sol and MF DOOM, opting for playful camaraderie based around the theme of the fake and artificial.”

‘Croissant’ is PleasureInc.’s second single, but it already stands out as an unmissable track. Keep an eye on Norwich’s most promising export.

You can slo check out ‘Croissant’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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