gloomy june shake off the past with ‘This Party Is A Warzone’

Just last month, we introduced you, our fine readers and fellow music junkies, to gloomy june. The San Francisco alt-pop band landed on our radar with their unexpected floor-filler ‘Always Gonna Let You Down’. Hot on the heels of that release, the four-piece are back with ‘This Party Is A Warzone’…. we’re starting to see a pattern forming here.

Another similarity between these two tracks is that they’re the product of the outfit’s identity crisis in which they severed a connection to the past by changing their name from The Y Axes to gloomy june. However, during that moment of transitional limbo, it just so happened thatmusic venues and bars started opening up again in California around mid-2021 following the covid-19 pandemic; suddenly, the band members were launched into a desperate frenzy of trying to get back to normal. As such, ‘This Party Is A Warzone’ is a reflection of this hectic time.

The entire track is full of fractious energy from the trashing guitars to the riotous rock drums and on through to the biting lyrics that reflect the tension both within and outside of the band at the time, such as “take a snapshot of this life before we fade away”. gloomy june also bring that party atmosphere with the upbeat, chord ascension and dance-inducing chorus. Ultimately, this contrast of party fever and internal turmoil takes the sting out of events gone by and sets out the band for a bright future ahead.

Check out out ‘This Party Is A Warzone’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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