Dom Malin closes a chapter with poignant piano track ‘something never said’

The minimalist performance approach of voice and piano is a bold one. Like all things done simply, it has to be great, and thankfully for singer-songwriter Dom Malin, he has all the quality to pull off such a song. Soaked in reverb, ‘something never said’ is a tender confession tinged with deep regret and a longing for answers in a sea of uncertainty.

Malin‘s poignant vocals deliver heartfelt lines such as, “picking up the pieces, the pieces of us,” signifying the unfinished healing process following the end of a relationship. With the spacious piano, you can almost imagine Malin sat down at his keys, pouring his heart out in an act of cathartic songwriting.

Here the Birmingham artist shares his own insight into ‘something never said‘:

“Based on the narration of lament and the uncertainty of recovery. The chorus asks the questions and the verses highlight the effects. This song for me concludes the theme of past releases and closes the chapter of events of young love.”

By the end of this three minute and thirty-four minute recording, all of that heartbreak and questioning somehow feels resolved, as though each carefully chosen chord and expressive word has swept away the past. It’s safe to say, we’re thoroughly impressed by Dom Malin‘s first appearance here on Unrecorded.

You can also listen to ‘something never said’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

Where to find Dom Malin:




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