PREMIERE: ‘Alien’ is Lemonade Baby’s 00/90s indie-pop outsider anthem

Our third time around the sun of Lemonade Baby‘s world is happening today with this hat-trick of a feature following on from singles ‘Is It Too Late’ and ‘You’re Bad For Me’. Once again, the surprises listeners with an 90s/00s-inspired indie-pop tune titled ‘Alien’.

Apparently, the iconic pop references of *NSYNC’s ‘Its Gonna Be Me’ and Kid LAROI’s ’STAY’ were used to build the up the persuasive vocal melodies and choreography-ready backbeats. Another timeless inspiration that the Australian creative has turned to was the Alien movies, which he explains a little further below:

“Alien was inspired by the ‘Alien’ movies, rewatching them sparked the idea of what it’s like to be with someone and watch them switch to almost another person, much like ‘being with an alien’. I feel everyone has experienced that with a friend or past love.”

Perhaps this is why Lemonade Baby‘s oh-so-human and sensitive vocals are encased in the disparate echoes and synthesized staccato – it’s all about creating that sense of distance. Speaking more about the subtle, yet intricate soundscape of ‘Alien’, the artist tells us that:

“I’ve been trying to practice restraint with my song writing process. It’s so easy to keep adding new ideas but then it’s hard to know when to stop adding them as well. The original demo for this one was rather intense. It had layers upon layers of instruments that ended up creating a wall of noise. It was unusable soI stripped it back down to its core, Rick Rubin style, and now all you can hear is guitar, vocals and the rhythm. That’s all ya need!”

You can also listen to ‘Alien’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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