Minhy blends R&B, electronica & pop in her cosmic single ‘Entangled’

Last year, we introduced you to the unique talent that is Minhy with her vampiric alt-elctronica single ‘Dead Of The Night’. Now, we’d like to welcome the Australian one-to-watch back with the digitally inspired track ‘Entangled’, which draws parallels between our technology-reliant world and the blurred lines of a too-close relationship. It might be a love song, but that doesn’t always mean there’s a happy ending; it’s up to the listener to figure out if this is a deep connection or a case of over-dependency.

Alongside producer SB90 (Illy, KLP, Thandi Phoenix), Minhy has formulated a transcendental fusion between R&B, pop and electronica. The lullaby-esque lyric “we’re just entangled like that, we’re like that” lulls the listener into a reflective state of mind, furthered by the head-bopping rhythm.

The glistening R&B melodies and persuasive alt-electro lines of ‘Entangled’ evoke the sounds of James Blake and H.E.R., while translating Minhy‘s personal experience into a cosmic soundscape. Below, the Melbourne creator shares the moment that she realised the her relationship had overstepped the line into codependency:

“I realised that we had become entangled. The kind of relationship that walks a fine-line between being deeply connected and over-dependent. It started to feel like I didn’t know where I ended and he began. And so in my sleepless slumber, I wrote ‘Entangled’.”

This single release will be followed up by ethereal visuals for ‘Entangled’, and considering Minhy has won several awards for her music videos, we’er expecting something special. Watch this space!

You can find ‘Entangled’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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