Lofi alt-rockers StarAV & kirk search for meaning in ‘Endless’

Over the years, the internet has offered up many unique opportunities for collaboration, that would have previously been impeded by distance, language barriers or even being heard in the first place. It was the ever-present platform of SoundCloud on which Australian producer StarAV first came across Bay Area-based kirk‘s music, and from that these two happenstance collaborators found common ground. Our first taste of the StarAV and kirk project is ‘Endless’, a meandering lofi and shoegazey alt-rock single.

The two minute and thirty second track explores the concept of searching for happiness in a world where that emotion often seems all too scarce. Here, the pair explain the theme a little further:

“Endless covers the theme of the pursuit of happiness in a world of 7 billion unique experiences hence it being a “lonely world”. Coming to terms with the fleeting nature of happiness with patience and perseverance. It ends with the allusion to the idea of leaving opportunities up to chance if it’s too much to handle all at once.”

The swaying rhythm of this lofi wonder hinges on a reciprocal guitar melody which weaves in and out of the hazy production. These musical motifs repeat over and over from start to end, demonstrating the predictable nature of humanity in search of short-term highs. However, ‘Endless’ isn’t all doom-and-gloom, there’s something hopeful about this slanting alt-rock recording that inspires the listener to look ahead.

Where to find StarAV:



Where to find kirk:


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