Palma Louca’s ‘Disappear’ represents the frenetic tension of a mind on the brink

Would you believe that’s it’s been longer than a year since Palma Louca graced the pages of Unrecorded with their single ‘Stationary Life’? We certainly can’t and we’re very glad to have the Geordie lads back, even more so thanks to the incendiary presence of their newest single ‘Disappear’.

It’s one of those rare slow-burning tracks that you think would be performed in the middle of a gig, when everyone is seeking a little downtime, but then it transforms into an unrivaled anthem. What might disarm the listener is the relatively quiet, twenty-second introduction in which a reverbed vocal cracks over a melodic bass line, tapped cymbals and open guitar strums, but all of a sudden, the song bursts into life. The frenetic tension was purposefully designed by the band to reflect a fraught state of mental health.

Here, the band’s primary lyricist Joe explains the context of ‘Disappear’:

“‘Disappear’ describes the downward spiral of a man who has taken the wrong path in life, turning him to addiction and depravity. The track sees the pressure build into a state of euphoric despair, culminating in a frantic end section that echoes the manic state of mind of a man who is living on the edge. Sonically, we wanted the track to have a more raw and more human feel than our recent releases, as we felt this was more suited to the subject matter. This is reflected in the tribal verses beats and symphonic play out.”

You can also listen to ‘Disappear’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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