‘Fairytale’ is the synth-pop escape from L.A.’s Tonoso

Today, we’re enthusiastically introducing you to Tonoso, the Californian duo of Jacob Grabb and Paul Salerno, who first met in jazz band in high school and began making music together in 2018.

‘Fairytale’ is the latest single from Tonoso‘s upcoming album, Artificial Dreams, which promises to be an exploratory album for anyone who struggles to thrive is this mechanised and automated world in which everything is available at the touch of a button, and yet we’re all still searching for something more.

The idea of ‘Fairytale’ in which magic happenings and happily-ever-after endings are possible is an interesting point of contrast for this Los Angeles outfit’s social commentary. However, that doesn’t mean Tonoso‘s approach is cynical either, as the band explain:

“Fairytale” is a song about giving into love and how through every season, every change, you and your love with be there together til then end, fighting off any adversity the world may bring your way.”

For the band, it’s love and loyalty that means the most in this all-too-often disconnected existence. This idea is reflected in the synth-forward cosmic soundscape of ‘Fairytale’, which rests heavily on inorganic backdrop of the tropical-tinged electronica, sweeping 80s synths and slapping digital beats. Throughout all of this hedonistic sound lingers the placid and harmonious vocals, which persist with earnest promises of “forever”.

There’s no mistaking that this track is an escapist uplift from the real world, one that we look forward to diving in again to when Tonoso‘s album arrives later this year.

You can find ‘Fairytale’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

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