Denver-via-New Zealand songwriter Estella Dawn celebrates possibilities in ‘Orange’

‘Orange’ is the new single from rising singer-songwriter Estella Dawn, who combines elements of pop and soul in her refreshing style. Originally from New Zealand, although now based in the creative hub of Denver in Colorado, Dawn has been consistently releasing original music since 2018 and her professionalism shows in the skillful storytelling and luscious melodies of brand new single ‘Orange’. It’s one that will induce a smile on any listener’s face.

The word “cinematic” struck our mind on first listening to ‘Orange’ due to the play-by-play narrative that Dawn unravels with her dusky and soulful voice. With a steady tempo, this track is a sweet intersection between retro soul and pop songwriting, with a dose of R&B melodies in there for good measure.

Here, the musician explains the heartwarming theme of her latest song:

“This song is about potential, when everything feels effortless. Drinking in somebody, the way they feel and laugh when they look at you and you realize you’d like them to keep looking at you that way. There’s no place you’d rather be than right there kissing them in that orange living room. When everything just stops.”

While this soul-pop single seems to depict an old-school meet-cute situation, it was actually inspired by a rare instance when a Tinder date resulted in instant chemistry. Truly anything is possible!

You can listen to ‘Orange’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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