Poly Ghost bring synth-pop rebellion into ‘Artificial Crush’

It’s time to be transported into the virtual reality world of Poly Ghost‘s ‘Artificial Crush’. This playful synth-forward pop-rock recording captures the escapist mentality that’s all too easily available to us into this technology saturated world of ours.

The self-directed video depicts a Black Mirror-esque VR system which allows the user to break-free from life’s responsibilities and chores into a world dripping in ’80s aesthetics. The retro style is very much in keeping with the boppy synth-rock sound presented in the first half of ‘Artificial Crush’. The light-hearted rhythm and repeated lyrics pull the listener into a false sense of security, one that is swiftly shattered by the grinding guitars. At the same time as this sonic turn, the vocal become eerily robotic alongside the solitary image of Poly Ghost‘s lead singer plugged into a menagerie of devices.

The synthesizer layers, funky basslines and rocky guitar riffs deliver a potent message about the weird and wonderful point in history we currently occupy, while giving us the soundtrack we didn’t even realise we needed.

You can also check out ‘Artificial Crush’ in our Electro Feels playlist.

Where to find Poly Ghost:




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