Introducing allie lune with starry-eyed indie-pop single ‘lu’s lullaby’

We love to discover completely new talent here at Unrecorded and they don’t come much fresher than allie lune, the Spanish-Colombian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who is currently finishing up a degree in songwriting in Brighton. She started releasing music under the moniker of allie lune earlier this year and this sweet new one ‘lu’s lullaby’ is only her third track to date.

Although it’s early days, lune is already brimming with potential as she fuses the unique intersection between her UK life and her upbringing in Southern Spain, as well as her family’s shared Spanish and Columbian influences. She’s highly influenced by the indie tonti-pop scene and cites named like Natalia Lafourcade and Cariño as major inspirations for her sound. Even without all this additional context, we’d still be as captivated by the dreamy, ethereal and starry-eyed ‘lu’s lullaby’ as we are now.

Over a deftly plucked acoustic guitar, allie lune sings in a gentle and encouraging tone directed towards her little sister. The subtly melancholic tone will intrigue the listener, especially when it’s contrasted to the sweet, sparkling notes that follow the rhetorical question “when will I fly?”

Ultimately, ‘lu’s lullaby’ a song full of unspoken mystery, but with a happy resolve in the promise of “sweet dreams”.

You can also listen to ‘lu’s lullaby’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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