Avigayil’s folksy indie-pop single ‘Fading Away’ is a farewell to childhood

In our latest stream of emerging talents to keep an eye on is Avigayil, the intuitive young musician who has been writing her own music since the prodigal age of seven. Now, eleven years later, the 18-year-old musician has developed her craft of guitar-led organic songwriting and started releasing music. The third of these new songs is ‘Fading Away’, the track that caught of ears, as well as hearts and minds.

In her diary-form style, the Israeli artist softly narrates the inner thoughts of a young person on the burgeoning edge of adulthood, as she sings “crazy how fast it all changed”. Complimenting her folksy indie-pop vocal tone is a layered backdrop of strummed acoustic guitar, lilting piano melodies, dreamy synth chords and minimalist percussion. There’s a soothing swaying rhythm to ‘Fading Away’ which gives the track a lullaby-esque quality, making this perfect for listening alone in the small hours when you’re contemplating the ever-changing landscape of life.

Not only does Avigayil produce some stunningly pensive music, but she also seeks to depart from the typical stereotype of women in music. She doesn’t write love songs and she doesn’t ply importance to her looks. Instead for her it’s all about authenticity.

As the young artist explains below:

“I feel like for myself I do not have a role model like this. A woman in the spotlight that genuinely doesn’t care about her appearance, and I wish I did. So I just feel like how could I not be that person for others? I just feel like the world has so much more to write about, then just another love song.”

Go ahead and listen to the gorgeous ‘Fading Away’ below or you can find it in our Shades of Pop and Folk This Way playlists.

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