‘Thank You’ is the feel-good chill-hop track from rapper Kubota & producer Kingsford

Today, we’re happy to welcome back Kubota, the Japanese-American songwriter and rapper from Los Angeles who we featured here last year with the insightful track ‘In My Head’. Like we said back then, we hoped to hear again from this promising talent and our wish has been granted with his newest single ‘Thank You’.

This one is another intricate narrative, although instead of discussing the topic of mental health, Kubota gives up his gratitude to a past relationship with assistance from friend and producer Kingsford. ‘Thank you’ actually represents the pair’s second collaboration together, following up on their 2021 single ‘Sequel’.

Speaking about working alongside Kingsford, our guy Kubota expresses: “I’m really excited to showcase something a bit outside of what I usually write. We’ve got a lot of awesome things planned with this song being just the beginning.”

As for the track itself, it’s a laidback and summery kind of vibe that uses jazzy loops and old-school inspired backbeats all wrapped up in a lofi chill-hop production. Over the relaxed soundscape is Kubota‘s constant flow of easy-going verses that express an appreciation for an ex while taking responsibility for mistakes made on his part. It’s this way he’s setting a great example for others who want to put the past aside but in a respectful and genuine way. As a final sign off, the L.A. rapper leaves it all on a positive note with, “no matter where we both are, I wish you good health and all.”

Check out ‘Thank You’ in our Hip, Hop & More playlist.

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