Promising indie songwriter Oisin Mod shares second single ‘Honeycomb’

Today, we’ve got some truly special for you. ‘Honeycomb’ is the title-track from Oisin Mod‘s upcoming album and it already gives a full-flavoured taste of this timeless songwriter’s talent. Reminiscent of introspective thinkers like Elliott Smith, John Lennon and Mazzy Star, this Galway-based newcomer balances his own mournful vocalism against neutral guitar strums, although this string element is made a little uneasy by the slanting percussion underneath it all.

Mod‘s stream-of-consciousness is distilled into the hazy musings that run throughout ‘Honeycomb’. This bittersweet indie-pop track is at many times a nostalgic escape into the past, as we hear through lines like “Back at the dream, spending too much time in the shower.” This dreaminess extends into the somnambulist tempo of the track and the starry-eyed “sha-la-la” interludes.

Speaking about this own tendency to slip away into thought, Oisin Mod shares:

“I do have a habit of overthinking things, but as we only had ten days you don’t have time to do that,” says Oisin of the sessions. “I always think about people like Neil Young, they weren’t overthinking stuff, they had a few days in between tours and they went in and said, ‘OK this is how it’s going to be…’ and just captured that moment.”

‘Honeycomb’ was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones at his Yawn Studios on The Wirral, who also worked on the full album set for release on August 19th this year.

You can also listen to ‘Honeycomb’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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